Our Courses


The ELP has been using most up-to-date methods in teaching English. Our approach in teaching is mostly based on The Communicative Method where the 4 skills are taught communicatively in real-life situations using authentic materials.


Offered at ELP

Courses at ELP are very-high quality. The price is very reasonable and affordable. Our minimum age is 4.

1. General English Course

♦ Our English General courses are designed to help different types of students make rapid progress in English.
♦ They are offered year-round for beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced students.
♦ The courses are 80 hours per 8 weeks.

Whether you are a university student or a business professional, our General English Courses and targeted approaches ensure your learning is focused and achieved.

2. Junior Programs

a- Winter Junior Program:
♦ The ELP offers junior students vast opportunities to enhance and improve their English language and study skills.
♦ This program is offered to students between the ages of 4 and 18.
♦ The junior course has 2 terms (September – December) and (January – May) with a short break in between.

b- Summer Junior Program:
♦ This course is offered during the summer (July- mid August).
♦ It is held basically in the morning from 9 am till 12 noon.

The ELP Junior program provides the students with:
♦ A wide variety of fun-game activities, presentations, stories etc.
♦ Highly qualified and motivated teachers.
♦ Interactive and fun engaging environment.
♦ Equipped classrooms (Wi-Fi, smart boards).
♦ Multimedia lab for further practice with the language.

3. One to One Tuition

♦ Courses of individual (one-to-one) are available with highly-qualified experimented tutors.
♦ The tutee’s needs are evaluated through testing and interview and taken into consideration.
♦ Our one-to-one courses are tailored to meet our student’s needs and satisfy their expectations.

4. Ladies Only Classes

♦ This course is tailored to meet the needs of our female students in the 4 basic skills of English (Listening/ Speaking/ Reading/ Writing).
♦ It covers general topics such as daily routine, story-telling, role play etc.
♦ The course runs for 80 hours per 8 weeks. Each week, topics particularly related to the females’ real life, are covered (at the airport, shopping, at the hospital etc.).
♦ This course provides female students/ housewives with ample opportunities to develop their language skills and enhance their self-confidence in using English in their daily life.
♦ This course is entirely designed to help females/ housewives improve their speaking skill in an easy and comfortable way.

5. IELTS Preparation Course

♦ Aims to provide IELTS students with the needed skills to take the IELTS Test successfully.
♦ Helps students to take the test with self-confidence.
♦ The content is organized into the 4 basic skill areas (Speaking/ Listening/ reading/ writing).
♦ Runs for 3 weeks (36 hours). Each week focuses on one or two skills using effective strategies and techniques for IELTS tests like reviewing key-taking skills and speaking skills etc.
♦ IELTS students are given enough information about the test format and duration.

Upon completion of this course, IELTS candidates feel more confident and better prepared to take the actual IELTS test as they use authentic and realistic materials which give them a taste of what is like to take the IELTS test.

6. Professional English Courses

Nursing, Medicine, Tourism, Law, engineering and aviation are taught in groups or on a one-to-one basis by a highly-qualified tutor.
This course provides enough practice in the following areas:

♦ Specific vocabulary related to the specialty (medical, legal. Scientific etc.).
♦ Pronunciation for complex words.
♦ Presentations.
♦ Different writing styles (e-mails, reports, chart, etc.).

7. Short-Term Intensive Courses

♦ Designed for the students who want to learn and practice a specific skill or language area in a short period of time for academic or professional reasons.
♦ Run from few days up to several weeks.
♦ Begin at any time and at any level in evening or morning time.
♦ Provides intensive practice in a particular language area (email writing, delivering a presentation, graph writing etc.).

8. Grade 12 Course

♦ Provides grade 12 students with the necessary skills and practice to help them improve their overall English and mostly to pass in their school exam.
♦ The course runs over 2 terms (September – December// January to May) with a short break in between to allow the students sit for their exams at school.
♦ The course prepared the students to take the final English exam successfully.
♦ This course covers all the language areas the students will be tested on in their exams and give them enough practice accordingly.
♦ Grade 12 students are constantly encouraged and supported by our highly qualified grade 12 instructor.
♦ Grade 12 students are given free remedial classes on the eve of their final exams.

UK Summer Camp Program

♦ ELP provides its students with the opportunity to study English in the UK with our affiliated Portsmouth English Language School for a period of 1 to 3 months based on the students’ wishes and needs.
♦ Students, in the UK, are given the opportunity to brush up their English language skills in a native speaking environment while enjoying their time (excursions, trips etc.).

♦ The Summer Camp Program includes:
→ Full board accommodation.
→ 15-21 hours tuition per week (General English Course).
→ Social and cultural activities.
→ Weekly excursions (London, Brighton, Bath etc.).
→ End of course Certificate.

Let us inform you about everything important directly.